The conformation class currently offered is a 6 week class that focuses on teaching the dog and handler the proper techniques for the show ring. Class is $80 member/$120 non-member for six weeks (up to 2 drop-ins allowed per person at $15/drop-in).

 **Please note if the temperature is above 85 degrees for Lafayette (area code 47909) according to “The Weather Channel”, we will NOT have class or “Like” the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club Facebook page.

Target Dog and age range:
Any dog over 3 months, mix breed or purebred, any skill level

Allow dogs headed for the show ring a mock class to practice within

Prerequisite skills:

Skills covered in class:

  • Dog standing for exam including inspection of teeth and testicles (on males)
  • Stacking on table for Exam (for table breeds)
  • Moving in various patterns at judges’ requests
  • Moving as group (multiple dogs of various sizes)

Promotion requirements:
Not applicable, no advanced class offered

Class size and duration:

  • Maximum 15 and minimum 3 dog/handler teams
  • 6 weeks
  • 1 hour per week

Equipment provided by the handler:

  • Collar and lead of show style (contact instructor with questions)
  • Variety of soft, bite-sized treats

Equipment provided by GLKC:

  • Mats
  • Ring gates
  • Exam table

Publications for instructor guidance:
AKC Guidelines

Contact the Education Committee Chair for more information.