Membership is open to all persons who are interested in promoting pure-bred dogs, but owners of all dogs are welcome. You do not even need to own a dog to be a member!

Membership dues for renewing members are $45 for a single membership, $60 for a family membership, and $20 for a junior handler (under 18 years) membership.  Membership dues are prorated for the first year of membership, depending on when the membership begins. 

There are four different types of membership:

Individual Membership is open to all persons ages 18 and older, who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of the club.

Family Membership is open to all persons over 18 years old in a household who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and shall be entitled to all the privileges of individual membership.

Associate Junior Membership open to all persons age 8 to 18 who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of the Club with those members entitled to all the privileges of regular membership, except for the right to vote and hold office.

Lifetime Honorary Membership is an honor bestowed to an individual based on at least twenty years membership and exemplary service to the Club who is in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribes to the purposes of the Club and shall be entitled to all the privileges of regular membership and shall be exempt from paying dues. Nominations for Lifetime Honorary Membership shall be made, in writing, to the Vice-President for review by the Board prior to presentation for a vote by the membership.

Process for election to membership:

1) Attend 1 meeting as a guest;

2) All guests’ names will be published in Nose for News (GLKC Membership Newsletter);

3) Submit application with current dues payment;

4) Publish applicant’s names in Nose for News; and

5) Attend 2 more meetings (readings) within the next 3 months.

Each prospective member shall attend one meeting as a guest before their application can be submitted. Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form as approved by the Board of Directors and which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by these Constitution and Bylaws and the rules of the American Kennel Club. The application shall state the name, address, and interest areas of the applicant and it shall carry the endorsement of two members in good standing. Accompanying the application, the prospective member shall submit dues payment for the current year.

All applications are to be filed with a designated Officer and all applications shall be published in the first newsletter following the application. Any member having knowledge of the applicant that may be detrimental to the best interests of the Club, i.e., unethical behavior or inhumane treatment of dogs, shall notify any Board member in writing no later than one week prior to the next meeting or the application will proceed as outlined.

The application will be read at the next two meetings the applicant is present after publication in the newsletter. Applicants then become members.

Former members, in good standing, who wish to renew membership may submit an application to the designated Officer with the current dues payment. This application will be published in the next newsletter following application.

Applicants have to attend one meeting within the 3 month time limit.

An application and the payment for membership shall be held for 3 months following receipt. If the applicant has not been to the required meetings in that time period, the check/cash shall be returned and the applicant must reapply.

An individual whose application for membership has been rejected by the Club may not reapply within twelve months after such rejection.

** Applicants may not receive a member discount for classes until after the Second Reading of their application and the 6 work hours is completed. The Second Reading must occur prior to the first class. **