The rally classes require prior instructor approval to ensure prerequisite skills are met.

Target Dog and age range:
Those needing Rally skills, 6 months and up.

To prepare dogs who have some basic obedience skills for competition in AKC Rally Novice through Master classes, obedience, and/or agility, and to practice obedience fundamentals.

Minimum prerequisite skills:

  1. Some degree of stationary attention
  2. Some degree of moving attention
  3. Heeling at the handler’s left side on a loose leash
  4. Sit, down, and come on command

It is recommended that the dog and handler complete a basic obedience class, which covers the above skills before enrolling in this class.  The Canine Good Citizen class is recommended.  Dog/handler teams will need to be evaluated before or during the first class.

Skills covered in class:
AKC Rally Novice through Master exercises, including on-leash and off-leash heeling, jumps, and rules overview.  Nested courses are setup to accommodate all levels.

Promotion requirements:
Not applicable

Class size and duration:

  • Maximum 8 dog/handler teams
  • 6 weeks
  • 1 hour per week

Equipment provided by the handler:

  • Collar (buckle, quick release, chain, or martingale)
  • Leash (4-6 ft fabric or leather)
  • Variety of soft, bite-sized treats; toy
  • Clicker (optional)

Equipment provided by GLKC:

  • Obedience jumps

Education Committee Chair for more information